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2-18-14 Khrista Nelson – She woke up with a stiff neck that progressed through the day to increased pain in her neck and thoracic area between her shoulder blades. She went to the chiropractor and he did a scan and adjustment and she felt better, but later the pain came back. I went to her house and she was laying on the couch and her husband Justin had to lift her up to place an ice pack on the back of her neck. She couldn’t sit up on her own or move her neck and the pain/numbness was going down her right arm. She told me that the pain was 8/10. Before I layed hands on her I prayed to Father God for an open heaven to pour out a blessing upon Khrista. This testimony is all God’s. He receives all the Glory!!! I took the ice pack out from under her neck and I could feel God’s Presence and tingling in my hand…I placed my left hand on the back of her neck and my right on her right shoulder and prayed for God’s peace to rest upon her first and for her to breathe in and breathe out, the pain to be driven out and for the spine to be in perfect order and alignment all in Jesus name…thanking God for being the Creator and Architect of Khrista’s body!! She began to really laugh with joy!! She sat up and the pain was gone from her neck and she could move it side to side. She got up on her own and walked around the room. She kept saying that “it is better, it is getting better.” We prayed again for her arm and her back. I could hear her neck popping and she said it would pop when she breathed. Glory Hallelujah!!! When we decided to leave and go to Harvest Hills the pain was down to a 4/10 between her shoulder blades in the thoracic area. When we were at church, her neck popped some more on its own but the pain in her upper back area increased and we prayed again laying my hands on her back and agreeing with heaven for the pain to go. The pain increased as time went on especially when she walked and she even tried laying on the chairs. I took her home and as soon as we got in the house she layed back down on the couch where she was when I got to her house the first time and prayed. I didn’t know what else to pray but I knew to continue to pray and knew that God cares so much about her and doesn’t want her to have this pain. She asked Justin to make her another ice pack. The pain/numbness was now going down her left arm. I placed my hands on both her shoulders and prayed again for God’s peace to come and He did…she relaxed. We prayed for her to be at rest as God is at rest and again for the pain to go and for her body to stop fighting the alignment all in Jesus name. This time it was best that she just lay there and not move to much. She iced her back again and her husband slid one of the couches over and slept next to her. She fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later. She moved around and noticed all the pain was gone!! Her and Justin rejoiced at what God had done!!! Praise King Jesus!!! She was able to go sleep in their bed for the rest of the night and even sleep on her side like she normally does without any pain all night and woke up in the morning feeling even better than before all this started…pain completely gone!!! Thank You Father!!! Holy Spirit is our Comforter and God’s Presence and Power heals!!! The Blood and the Name of Jesus Heals!!! Others were also praying for Khrista…Justin, Chansey, and more!!! God made prayer powerful and an avenue to have a relationship with the Father that is always open!!! Amy Swenson


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